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Sunday, January 13, 2008

9:02PM - there is a plan!

Tuesday evening (lets say about 7pm), Mega-carcassonne at mine.

This is the Blue game, with several expansions (circa 400 tiles)...

My House RulesCollapse )

Edit: Current players list
 - 10:30 am, 14th: wee0ne (well, it's at my house, and using my set <chuckle />); torsparkles & rasilon_x

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

7:08PM - fairly new to carcassonne

My friend brought over the game one day, and since then, I completely love it. Weve been getting a few other friends into it as well, and one of these days, I plan to buy my own set. I love it! I have always loved games involving several aspects and mindsets; with strategy. So far we only have the basic carcassonne with the river expansion, but I want to look into buying a variety.

I wish more people updated this community!

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Monday, June 6, 2005

8:41AM - hiya

since this is a small community i figured an intro post wouldn't be out of line.

hi there. i'm melanie and i guess i've had carcassonne for about 3 weeks now. my partner and i play about three times a day and are totally obsessed.

we have:
1. the original version
2. the river
3. inns and cathedrals
4. traders and builders
5. the city

i love this game so much. most of the time farmland gets totally out of control and i swear, when my partner plays he never starts any cities so i can never close them off and move folks into the castle.

that's about it. i hope this becomes a fairly active community.

Friday, May 6, 2005

11:30AM - 3rd-edition rules?

I'm thinking of adopting the scoring system below - less the King and Scout scores.
There are two main changes: 1) all cities are 2 points per tile, even the 2-tile ones; 2) farmers only score 3 points per bordering city, not 4 (4 with a pig, not 5)

I think this makes the game less farmer-heavy, and a city-builder can do well with lots of small cities (noting, however, that this also helps a farming player)
graphic scoring-cardCollapse )
(src = http://www.bggfiles.com/viewfile.php3?fileid=4738)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

7:18PM - Not Carcassone,

But I think we should try this sometime!


Thursday, February 10, 2005

12:18PM - Carcassone: Dragon & Princess


This seems to bring a bit of "Ark of the Covenent" into the game...

Thursday, January 6, 2005

3:39PM - Mega-carcassonne

Yet another game: again to be held at verandiweaves and draugluin's house.

Date: Monday 10th Jan.
Time: 8:30pm (ish) - post Emperor, basically.
Spaces available: up to 3.
Restrictions: Commit to a 3+ hour game; non-smoking house; no cat-allergics.

Specific Invites: lilutifire, cairmen

If anyone wants to play, comment here.

Friday, December 24, 2004


I'd like to know what houserules people have added when playing (blue) Carcassone.

The group(s) I play with here in Edinburgh (Scotland), play with two sets: the first (mine) is a two-of-everything mega-set, and the other (which we play at work) is similar, but only has a couple of the expansion-sets doubled up.

Our own houserules are as follows:

1) The original start piece is included in the bag, and not set aside.
2) Whilst playing the river pieces, no farmers can be played.
(in my mega-set, one of the lakes has been converted into a "tee-piece", and we play from the lake back to two springs)
3) We include the king, but not the bandit-leader
4) Each player gets 9 standard meeple, a single Big Meeple, a builder and a pig
5) When scoring farmers, we count the total number of farmers feeding each city, rather than determining majority on each farming area, and then looking at cities.

We use an extra counter on the scoreboard to count cities as they close (it helps)

With either set, our scores can be pretty close - we've had the top three scores over 200, but withing 5 points of each other.